Pollinator discussion

This site was created by an heirloom tomato gardener to capture and bottle a pollinator discussion prepared for the Greater Lowell Honey Society in the spring of 2016.  The intent is to provide the reader with links to excellent professionally-created sources of information for understanding bees in particular and how to upgrade local pollinator habitat in general.

The discussion works through some of the topics through the eyes of a long-time organic gardener with a penchant for the taste of heirloom tomatoes. The gardener was surprised to learn that Bumble Bees, not honeybees or other native bees pollinate tomatoes.

Introduction: Honeybees and Bumblebees together

Helpful free resources:  PDF documents from US organizations available on the WWWeb May 2016

Pollinator habitat is simply food and shelter: keeping bumblebees is more difficult than keeping honeybees

Most bees live close to their food sources: This is the plant selection process

Nesting and overwintering: Opportunities to enhance the local environment for our Pollinators

The Easy way out: Pollinator paradise comes in an envelope.

GeorgeP’s favorites list/selections

Pollinator-related: WWWeb places you should visit for more detail .

Pollinators and Politics:  Awareness is the first step.  Maybe we can develop this topic in 2017

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